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Live an active and independent life with the help of HomeGlide. Move between all levels of your home with maximum comfort and safety. HomeGlide is an attractive and discrete addition to your home, elegantly blending in to your home and always ready to use.


For more than sixty years people have benefited from the convenience and depend- ability provided by our stairlifts. Smooth and secure - HomeGlide will take you up and down the stairs whenever you need it... because you deserve the very best.


The HomeGlide stairlift has been developed with our principle of One Vision Design. Working closely with ergo-therapists and international focus groups, the HomeGlide really is the next generation stairlift. By consulting ergonomics experts as well as existing stairlift owners the HomeGlide's design is simple, sturdy and above all matches your accessibility requirements.


HomeGlide's simplicity allows the stairlift to be installed in your home very quickly. Fitted directly onto your stairs cleanly and discretely, the stairlift glides swiftly along an aluminium track. Following installation, a qualified engineer will provide you with a comprehensive demonstration to allow you to become quickly acquainted with HomeGlide's easy to operate controls. After that, your HomeGlide is completely ready to use.


HomeGlide is operated with an easy to use joystick, simply move the joystick left or right depending on whether you would like to go up or down your staircase.


HomeGlide is powered by a long life rechargeable battery which is recharged simply by plugging into your nearest wall socket.


For even more convenience, HomeGlide is available with 2 remote control handsets. The slim design handsets can also be positioned at the top and bottom of your stairs to allow you to call your HomeGlide to you at any time and this makes it easy for additional members of your household to use the stairlift.


Quality, service and reliability are fundamental to our stairlift design. HomeGlide adheres to the latest stringent international safety certification, you can be assured of the highest service and quality levels.


To help you to get on and off the chair safely at the top of your staircase, HomeGlide has a manual swivelling feature as standard. A seatbelt is also fitted as standard.


Pressure sensitive edging around the stairlift provides extra security in the event of an obstruction on your stairs and the footrest protects against any trapping hazard.


An On/Off switch is also fitted as standard, this keeps the batteries charged if you were to go on holiday and unplug the HomeGlide.


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