Freelift Van Gogh

Every staircase is unique. Just as every person is different, so too is every staircase; no two are the same. That is why each and every stairlift is custom made. Your home and staircase are not the only factors to determine what your stairlift will look like, your personal wishes and taste are also taken into account.


Three factors determine the appearance of your seated stairlift, the type of lift, the seat and the options you choose.


Always safe

There is however one aspect in which we offer you no choice at all, and that is your safety. Freelift warrants a safe product with all the necessary safety features.


Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer

The Van Gogh is fitted to the outside of the staircase. The single tubular rail is available in cream, brown and grey.


The Rembrandt is fitted to the inside of the staircase. This stairlift is ideal for stairs and stairwells, because it leaves a maximum amount of space on the path.


The Vermeer is a multi-storey stairlift and is usually fitted to the inside of the stairs, sometimes the outside. In prinicple, it is identical to the Rembrandt and the Van Gogh in terms of technique, appearance and materials.

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